Vybavení na prodej / Equipment for Sale

The following equipment is for sale and will be available from January 1, 2016 ex Rock Media Printing Plant, Tynec nad Sazavou

Platesetter - Fuji Luxel VX 9600 CTP - 2003
2 laster diode ultraviolet laser CTP, produces up to 43 B1 8 page plates per hour, total of 134 000 plates imaged, maximum plate 1162 x 960 mm. Machine almost as new.
Packaging - 2x BVM Brunner Compacta 5022 SV -  2004 + 2005
Packaging machine BVM BrunnerCompacta 5022 SV for polybagging and packing bales, 450 x 500 x 220 mm, plastic wrapping and shrinkage by hot air, and without shrinkage. Products are packaged individually or in groups. Up to 120T/min.
Guillotine - Adast Maxima 115B cutter - 2002
The MS 115 range is specified for cutting paper, card board, as well as other sheet materials such as veneer, leather, cork, rubber and plastic foils. Equipped with an electronic digital measure indicator and keypad controlled automatic strip cutting feature. Cutting length: 1150 mm, max. back gauge traverse: 1150 mm, max. pile height: 130 mm, minimum cut (manual drive): 25 mm, minimum cut (power drive): 30 mm
Price: 249 000 Czk (ex VAT)
If you are interested in above described equipment, please contact:  obchod@rockmedia.cz